Friday, 24 July 2015

Track painted and more

An image is worth a thousand words. Since this blog ain't about chitchat but about modelism, let's take a look at progress so far.

Yesterday, I painted the track with Krylon excellent camouflage brown. This is really a nice basic color to paint both rails and ties. Some washes and subtle colors will be added later to weather the track closer to prototype.

I also completed the carfloat apron with some details scavenged from Walthers' apron and with bits of styrene. I'd say the apron is about 90% complete. Need to get some parts and prepare wood for the deck planking.

Today, I cut and installed the concrete pads. These were made with 2mm cardboard. Quite thick, but cutting was far easier than I expected. It took me all day to prepare them. Next steps is to add the concrete curbs per prototype and paint them. It's going to be tiresome... but once done, the most annoying model railroading activities will be behind me as I'll venture in real scenery works, which I rarely do.

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