Thursday, 2 July 2015

Final Plan

Here's the final plan... a least!

It took me some time to affinite it, using many photographs and maps. In fact, I overlayed several maps and aerial photographs to get a track layout that fits exactly the real piece of land.

Turnouts are PECO Setrack 240 and Streamline Small Radius. They are the closer to the real trackage that could be found at Harlem Station.

I went overboard with details, wanting every turnouts, tracks and buildings to be exactly located were they stood. The error margin is quite insignificant on this plan and I feel this is probably the most accurate map of Harlem Station that can be found. It will be a pleasure to share my work with others who could need it.

Tomorrow, I'll received the material to build the modules. I hope I'll have enough time to get it done over the week end.

Also, I'm still wondering if the cork overlay is really needed. I wouldn't mind getting rid of excess material to make the layout as light as possible.

My Chicago tugboat is also progressing at my satisfaction. I was able to find a excellent lateral view of the ship. However, it was prior the diesel-conversion and I must admit they changed many things on the superstructure while performing this work.

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