Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Kitbashing a Carfloat Apron - Part 1

I completed the benchwork this morning, primed and painted everything that was repaired with flat brown latex.

Then, I switched my attention to the carfloat apron as it is a key element when laying track. I came to the conclusion Walthers' apron is far to be great. In fact, it doesn't make sense as the bridge doesn't have any structural member under the decking. I decided I would be better off doing something myself.

The carfloat apron is made from 3 Central Valley 72" plate girder bridge. Harlem Station used a 100 feet pontoon type brige thus I had to enlarge substantially the CV bridges. It was an easy kitbashing that took an afternoon. Later, I'll had some Frenchman River Models details on the sloped parts. The rounded corners were also traded for square ones according to prototype. The track is Atlas Code 100 and the turnout is a PECO long turnout cut to length to fit Walthers barge. Later, everything will be planked with real wood decking. I'm not sure if I'll reuse some details from the Walthers apron. I'm eager to keep it intact in case I was to use it for some other projects one day. Who knows! Tomorrow, I'll add the second track and complete the pontoon which I already started to build. I'm quite lucky to have a blueprint from the prototype. Make things easier. Hope to start laying track maybe in the afternoon.

Structural members were cut using a band saw. My goal was to glue the parts by splicing together a beam for a stronger bond. Don't mind the horrible zigzag cut, it was sanded down smooth before gluing parts together.

Using template is the only way to get reproductible results. It made this job as easy as 1-2-3. The slope is the same as Frenchman River Models apron kit so I'll be able to use their jacking apparatus.

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