Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Laying Track in a Day

I've never been that much fast while laying track.

Today I started to lay track at 7AM and ended at 7PM, including about 1 hour break for lunch & diner.

Track was glued with latex caulk. It went surprising fast.

I'm glad to have bought a long aluminium straight edge. So far, it's been my best purchase of the year. Can't believe I lived without one for such a long time.

In some spot, mainly near the carfloat apron, I used 5-minutes epoxy because radius is very very tight. Small brass pins were inserted into the concrete wall to make sure rails would stay aligned.

I'm quite proud of the final result. It took me about 5 years to "complete" this project since my first attempt was kindly published by the late Carl Arendt, but I'm glad I started over. The actual layout is probably among the most accurate rendition of this small terminal and it's fun to see it taking shape. I did some operation and was happy to find out my trusty Atlas S2 was able to navigate the very tight radius, some less than 12 inches.

I took some minutes to test and operate the layout. I can already say it will be a very fun small layout to operate.  Next step is to spray paint the track before moving to scenery.

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