Saturday, 18 July 2015

Modules completed... Finally

Truth to be told, I didn't post a lot of pictures because I wanted to pour my energy into actually building the layout instead of editing photos, writing text and posting. I know myself, if I don't stay focussed on a short amount of time, I'll loose my rhythm!

That said, thing are progressing smoothly according to my planned schedule. Building the frame took more than two intense weeks of work.

Yesterday, I painted the modules and later assembled them. I'm happy to report they are as level as I could wish. I'm truly happy no alignment occured. It was my first time using this waffle frame module technic and I didn't start with the easiest geometric shapes.

I also make legs to support the layout. This is an original design by myself and Louis-Marie. The only shortcoming is I should have followed his advice and used 3" pipe instead of 2". I wanted to save a few bucks but it will end up costing more to fix up. I have the choice of addind diagonal bracing or use larger diameter pipes. It's a little flexible as it is right now, not enough to derail car, but enough to be annoying. If new larger diameter legs are up to my standard, I'll probably make a  special article about how to build them. They cost less than 10$ each. Similar looking amovible steel legs can cost up to 100$ each and more in retail.

Layout top is at 51" above floor. It's a good compromise between realistic view and reachability. I'm not very tall, about 5'5", so that's my maximum. My only advice is that a layout should never be higher than your armpit if your are doing intensive operation or track are far from the fascia (which is the case with Harlem Station. Anyway, I'll keep a standstool under the layout ready for such action. We already do that at the club layout and it works well.

Today, I'm gluing 1" styrofoam to raise the terminal above Harlem river (benchwork top). A layer of cork will be glued to get a firm submaterial that can hold nails.

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