Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Harlem Station Moved To Its Final Destination

Last week, with the help of my father, we moved the layout to its final destination in Jérôme's basement.

While the layout was design as two modules, we didn't felt great about the idea to cut the rails and risk to cause much more problem than required.

It was finally decided to move the layout as is in a trailer. Yes, we had some doubt and the streets weren't in great shape but I'm happy to report nothing broke during the move. I must admit I'm really impressed by the sturdiness of the waffle-type module building technique. It's very strong, lightweight and gives plenty of "handles" to grasp the layout when moving it. The final coat of paint on the fascia and last coat of acrylic gel on the water will soon be applied.

Meanwhile, the freight car fleet is now completely assembled, totally 60 cars including boxcars, gondolas, open hoppers, reefers and flatcars. 20 out of 60 are in various state of completion from adding details and weight to final weathering. The shortage of Dullcote at my local hobby store hampers greatly my progress. I missed the days when more than 4 of 5 local shops used to carry Dullcote. Anyway, I still have to wait to get all the CDS dry transfers I ordered last week.

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