Sunday, 7 August 2016

Documenting the Fleet

As the project is steadily nearing completion, particularly in regards to freight cars and locomotives, I added a new feature on the side bar called "Motive Power & Rolling Stock Catalog".

Each link will lead you - in due time - to a page recensing all the cars and locomotives specificially used on the layout with a short description and accompanying picture.

The pages will be available at the moment when every car will be weathered and photographed, which shouldn't take too long. And don't worry, a dedicated blog post will tell you when each category is online or updated.

I feel it will be easier to scroll through the numerous cars that were built, detailed and weathered for Harlem Station. While selecting the cars, I made sure they were relevant in term of era and roadname using actual archives pictures to build a prototypical fleet. I'm relatively satisfied given most freight cars are generic Athearn, Roundhouse and Walthers models.

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