Saturday, 27 August 2016

Accurail Boxcars

As the fleet grow, a few last boxcars have to be done.

The first one is an Accurail 40ft combo doors boxcar. I have decals for a Baltimore & Ohio double door boxcar but not for a combo one. Anyway, combo doors weren't that much wide spread at that time.

The stock model

The combo door details were shaved off to make room for a new regular door salvaged from a kitbashed Intermountain boxcar. Removing the diagonal rivets and panel line required some serious work. To some extent, I'll have to live with the plug door raised frame. A more meticulous modeller would have shaved it off completely and used decal rivets to complete the model. It seemed a little bit excessive for my purpose.

Finally, after a good coat of Red oxyde primer, the surgery scars disappear nicely.

CDS Lettering dry transfers were used to add the B&O markings.

The last project was easier. It involved repainting an Accurail 40ft double sheated  boxcar without altering the details. Once again, CDS dry transfers were used for convenience and their cheap price tag.

Four other 40ft boxcars are also in the process of being completed (two Rounhouse, one Athearn and one Bachmann).

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