Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Some progress? Yes!

It's always crazy to discover how much interest this project is gathering. New York City rail-marine terminals are truly a dear child of this hobby.

I didn't update the blog over the last months because my energies were focussed on my other project: Hedley-Junction.

However, I did some work on the layout, including some painting and wiring. The layout was initially designed to be battery-operated. But financial and technical constrains put a end to that adventure. It will be DC powered with a possibility to be converted easily to DCC.

We actually have wired the carfloat and float bridge in such a way a locomotive will be able to travel EVERYWHERE. You read me well, everywhere. Old pictures of Harlem Station show no idle cars were used and the locomotives ventured onto the carfloat. We will reproduce that while operating the layout.

I don't know if I'll be able to push detailing and scenery work as far I first hoped, but the layout will be soon delivered to Jérôme, the final end user. So far, he's been extremely satisfied with what he have seen and no wonder why. He's an operation fan and I feel this layout will fit his needs perfectly.

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