Saturday, 26 December 2015

A Wood Deck for the Bridge

I finally tackled the time-consuming task of adding a wood deck on the float bridge today.

I don't know what took the most time, but cutting, staining and gluing all the individual planks took 6 hours non-stop. At least, it was quite relaxing and enjoyable, far beyond my expectation.

Before gluing the planks, I was required to glue a 0.5 mm thick styrene sheet over my original deck to get a flat top flush with the rail spikes.

Wood planks, made of balsa, were stained with a mix of India ink and alcohol. Color pictures of the 50s show that the bridge planking was relatively new and not totally greyish. Using alcohol was a safe bet to get that look.

The next step will be to further weather the planking according to prototype. Oil spills from locomotives were quite impressive!


  1. Bridge looks great Matthieu! How well does the Peco large radius switch match with the Walther's float? I'm assuming you cut the turnout just above the point hinge? Keep up the good work.


    1. Christian, the Peco switch works quite well and the match up is more than decent. Yes, I cut the turnout at the hinges. In fact, I made new pivots for the points using brass wire. It's quite sturdy.