Sunday, 9 August 2015

Ground Cover Over

Mark this day as it is the first time in 2 decades I ever complete ballast and ground cover on any layout I ever built.

Ballast is a mix of various dirt, sand, sandblasting sand and charcoal. It's only a starting point as I'll have to adjust coloration here and there with washes, pastel powders and various material. Harlem Station was a very dirty place to be. Some weeds will also be needed here and there.


  1. Dear Matt,
    I'm enjoying your blog very much, and wanted to thank you for posting all this terrific information. I'm starting to build an HO Harlem Station of my own, and your posts are not only informative but inspiring.

  2. Thanks Paul! I'm happy to hear all this work is useful to other modellers!

  3. Dear Matt,
    I've also really been enjoying this blog. Although I'm "freelancing" car float operations on my layout, your float bridge solution is exactly what I was looking for as an alternative to the Walthers float bridge or a wood truss design. Congratulations on your milestone of completing ground cover and ballast. I'm hoping to achieve the same soon!

    1. Thanks Christian!

      Good luck on your project. Building the float bridge using bridge components is quite easy and much more rewarding. The Walthers version is a magnified toy to my eyes. Only the the overhead structures and steel plankings have value.

      I'm actually trying to complete the wiring. It should be ready soon.