Tuesday, 14 August 2012


Hi everybody!

It's been a while I posted here. Many things made me abandon this little project: lack of space, new ideas for the club layout, etc.

Some would say it was a dud, but what I learned here helped me to do better layout besign after. I also had the great joy to see that my little contribution helped other modellers around the world to continue or start working on Erie Terminal. In this respect, my dream didn't die and is well alive in the heart of fellow hobbyists!

I must thanks Mr. Jack Trollope who introduced me to this prototype, Tim Warris for resparkling my interest in harbor railways and finally, the late Carl Arendt who had the kindness to publish my amateurish work in his famed scrapbook. Many others who shared their knowledge and passion NYC harbor railroads and whom I forgot their name.

This New York City escapade was a turning point for me to understand better operation. and the need of factual data to create a model railroad. For my most recent work, I invite you to check out my Hedley-Junction layout depicting Quebec City Harbour circa 1957: www.hedley-junction.blogspot.com

If you are building a Erie Terminal Layout, let me know! It will be a pleasure to hear from you and see your work!



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  1. Sorry to hear this, Matthieu, but I'm enjoying following your Hedley Junction progress. I'm modeling Harlem Station and plan to add several more of the pocket terminals of the Erie and other railroads on my Port of New York Railroad layout. Come visit: ponyrr.blogspot.com and also other musings at modelrailroaddesign.blogspot.com.