Monday, 29 November 2010

Moving Forward

I put the project on the ice for the last weeks while waiting for my PECO turnouts from England. For the time being, I went back to the club layout to build up a switchlist system and do some operation. Man! Were have I been all these years. Lots of fun switching a 10-car freight train on a shelf layout. I don't see any needs for an extension. The average operation session last 1h30. I expect similar complexity from the Harlem Terminal. If your interested in our club layout, just take a look at my new blog dedicated to Hedley Junction. I've already written a few articles documenting the building process. I will post them from time to time.

Then last week, I've been hospitalized for the third time this year. An other week of work went down the drain just before Christmas, hitting hard on the hobby funds again. Anyway, I received my PECO turnouts so I'm ready to move on with Harlem Station.

Finally, I decided to keep my original benchwork. I don't have the funds to buy cabinet grade plywood and fancy things as I wished initially. The 5' x 6' layout is too large for my needs, so the compressed setting will fit the bill nicely. Nothing's lost however since I hope my design work will inspire someone to do it full-size. Sometimes, the first idea is still the best.

Next will be to build the water-level benchwork and cut the homasote sub roadbed. I'll also try to snatch the club's Walthers carfloat that is currently gathering dust in the storage room.

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