Saturday, 27 June 2015

It's been a while, but we're back in style!

Hi everybody,

I know a lot of people were happily following this project back in the days. Harlem Station have always been a prototype I'd love to build and during the last years, Jérôme - a member of Hedley-Junction - always pestered me to rebuild it.

In fact, we have everything: tracks, structures, rolling stock, carfloat and even the tugboat.

In the recent months, I was thinking about building a small switching layout. But each time, I end up thinking Harlem Station is indeed the most impressive way to pack action in a small place prototypically.

This time, Jérôme will be helping me and we will keep thing simple. I mean by that, one loco, PECO code 100 track and some historical transgressions such as using Walthers carfloat without too much alteration.

The big challenge is building a lightweight yet sturdy benchwork. I'm planning to build the layout as two parts for easy transportation.


  1. Welcome back to the harbor!

    1. Thanks Riley! I should start building the module next weekend. I've got access to better data including aerial photographs. It was a good opportunity to revise my track plan and improve it here and there.