Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Coal Conveyors

A freight terminal without coal conveyors isn't a freight terminal. We recently acquired a set of Walthers old time coal conveyors. Some complain this model is too often seen on layout, but they were ubiquitous in real life. Look at old pictures, they are everywhere. Sure, the model is a little bit crude, but when correctly painted, it doesn't look bad and play well its role... at least, enough for our purpose.

Easy to assemble, the conveyors were spray painted with red oxyde and camouflage brown  to give them a random coloration. A dark metallic grey was applied over the wheel steel tires and a generous coat of weathering powders was brushed over the model.

The most interestinf feature of these models is the fact you can move them around depending who freight car traffic is handled. Leaving a conveyor under a hopper can be an easy way to tell an operator the car isn't completely unloaded yet and must be respotted.

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