Monday, 19 September 2016

New Power to Harlem: Erie #320

While things seem calm at Harlem, beware! I recently repainted an Atlas (old DC tooling) Alco S2 in Erie colors. This new switcher will replace the boxcab until it is ready to hit the rail.

I didn't bother to superdetail the locomotive since it was the operator's wish to keep thing simple and sturdy. Decals came from different diesel and steam sets by Microscale.

The headlight lense was missing but found it in the junk box after.

A light weathering was done according to prototype pictures to represent a well-maintained and fairly recent locomotive. While not a prize-winning model, I'm pretty sure it will gave hours of flawless operation due to its excellent drive. For your information, it is the Grand Trunk Western switcher a few of you spotted on previous operation pictures.

Meanwhile, I can announce the entire freight car fleet is now assembled. I need to weather about 16 cars and I'll consider this huge undertaking done once for all.

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